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The Magic of Tuvia Gala

Celebrating 50 Years

Thank you to those who joined us on Saturday, October 16, 2021.

It was a magical evening and we will post photos soon!

Tuvia 50th Gala: Welcome
Tuvia 50th Gala: Pro Gallery

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Tuvia 50th Gala: Information Pack

Meet Hedy Gutman

Hedy Gutman

June 4, 1909-August 2, 1989

The Tuvia Scholarship fund was named in memory of, Hedy Gutman. She was a true Woman of Valor, throughout her life embodying what it meant to be a strong and caring woman in her community and to her family.

Hedy was born in Germany in 1909. In 1938 she moved to the United States, where she met her husband. She was deeply committed to Judaism and synagogue life. When she retired, she became an avid adult education attendee and even became the Sisterhood Treasurer of her synagogue. Hedy understood the important role a synagogue plays in a community. She lived a life rooted in strong Jewish values and embodied kindness, compassion, generosity, patience, respect and observance. Her daughter, Helen Dennis, a past President of Temple Menorah and responsible for starting the Tuvia Parent Committee, recalls that her mother would call her every Friday morning to wish her a “Good Shabbos.”

Hedy believed in both Jewish and secular education and knew the importance of a synagogue having an Early Childhood Center, as they are the bedrock of any Jewish community. Hedy’s granddaughter Susan attended Tuvia beginning in 1972, and her great-granddaughter began attending in 2011.

Tuvia 50th Gala: About Us

Thank you to our Talent!


Mary Gallagher

Comedian and Actress


Erik Blackwell


nick fer4.jpg

Nick Ferrara


Tuvia 50th Gala: Our Team

Event Sponsors

Thank you for your generous support!

Tuvia 50th Gala: Text
Tuvia 50th Gala: Pro Gallery

Thank you to our donors...

The Dudovitz & Kesselman Family
The Trinooson & Thanathep Family
Sue & Barry Brucker

Tuvia 50th Gala: Text
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