Camp Tuvia

Preschool and Kindergarten

We offer a preschool summer program for children ages 2-5, including incoming a special program just for kindergartners. With year round and week to week contracts available for the summer, we have a program that can fit your schedule. This summer we're focusing on Jewish Values to help enhance our superhero skills to become great humans!


Summer Highlights

  • Weekly Water Days & Wilderness Park Trips

  • Virtual Field Trips and Onsite Special Guests

  • Beautiful Outdoor spaces

  • Mud and Sensory Play

  • Flexible scheduling (3-5 days/week, part-time, full-time)    *2 week session minimum


Kinder Camp

Kinder Camp is facilitated by Ms. Christine, our Kindergarten teacher with super powers! She creates a dynamic summer experience through STEM, art, and nature experiences. Our program specifically focuses on enhancing soon-to-be Kindergarteners executive functioning skills to help them prepare for Kindergarten and thrive!



Our summer programs continues to promote learning through relationships. Which help children feel secure, and develop self-respect, respect for others, cooperation and responsibility for the community. The summer program is infused with Jewish values and the teachings of our heritage, is based upon the best practices in the early childhood profession. The program goals include:

  • Development of skills and attitudes that lead to success in school

  • Creation of a sense of community

  • Affirmation of the individual child and family

  • Development of a Jewish identity

  • Understanding of an individual's responsibility and place in the larger community


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