Tuvia School of Temple Menorah Team


Katie Kang

Director of Education

Katie Kang, mother of two (Mason who is 8 years old and Sophia who is 6 years old) was locally born and raised here at Temple Menorah. She completed her Bachelor's Degree in Education and teaching credential from California State University, Long Beach along with a minor in Mathematics. Katie spent her summers in high school and college working as a camp counselor at Camp Menorah, eventually becoming the camp's director. She worked for Tuvia as a teacher and assistant director. In addition, she spent her Sundays teaching Kindergarten Sunday School for Temple Menorah's Religious School. Following her 10 years plus on the Temple Menorah faculty she continued to work with the community as the Youth Programs and Seminar Coordinator for The Volunteer Center, South Bay-Harbor-Long Beach, and as the Regional Director of Volunteer and Youth Services for the American Red Cross, Los Angeles.

In the summer of 2014 she opened her own home daycare in order to raiser her daughter at home. She found her way back to the Temple Menorah faculty in the summer of 2015 as the Operations Manager. In 2018 she was afforded the opportunity to rejoin the Tuvia faculty. She has recently completed her MAEd in Early Childhood at American Jewish University and will join their faculty part-time as a professor in the fall.


Cilia Hernandez

Butterfly Lead Teacher (2's)

I have over 46 units in Early Childhood Education, In the process of getting my Bachelors. I've taught in this field for sixteen years. My personal philosophy is that every child learns best with child-led activities, the ability to have their teacher encourage independence among their pupils and build positive social interaction and relationships with the children and teachers around them. The ability to respectfully earn a child's trust is what builds a bond. In class I encourage children to learn to do things by hand on. To have the ability to take pride when they accomplish things by themselves, is a great motivation to becoming independent. I became a teacher to make a difference in each of the children's lives. As a teacher I believe that with the dedication I devote to each of the children will build confidence in their lives as individuals.

Day School Teacher

Clementina Ysaguirre

Butterfly/Ladybug Floater (2's and 3's)

I am Clementina Jasmine Ysaguirre, I began my education in child care with an internship with a prominent Day Care center in Hawthorne California. During that time I also began to develop my passion for child care into a career and started my education at El Camino College in Torrance California where I am still continuing my growth in the child development field.  My philosophy in child development is learn from the children, so that we can be able to teach them better. I became a teacher because of my love children but also to help educate the future adults of the world.


Helen McKinley

Ladybug Lead Teacher (2's and 3's)

My name is Helen McKinley. I have been teaching for twenty-four years. I was a director for a year in a preschool located in Downey. I have been with Tuvia School since June 2018. I have an Associate's degree in Early Childhood Education. I also have an Advance degree of management in early childhood education. I am California Credentialed. I enjoy sport, college and professional. I love to sing and dance. I listen to all types of Music, Especially classical


Hala Youseff

Ladybug Co-Teacher

My name is Hala Youssef. I migrated from Egypt with my husband and three children. I have two daughters and one son; my oldest daughter is in her third year of college, another is a senior in high school, and my son is a sophomore in high school. I have studied and obtain a medical assistant certificate. I have also earned an Associate Arts Degree in my major of child development. I have been working with children for four years, from babysitting to employing at preschool sites. Through my experience with children, I have found comfort and connection working with our young learners.


Liz Hernandez

Frog Class Lead Teacher (3's)

Hi, my name is Elizabeth Hernandez, and I am a current preschool teacher here at Temple  Menorah. My educational background includes a Bachelor in Science degree in Child Development from Cal State University Dominguez Hills, an Associate degree in Social Sciences, and an Associate degree in Liberal arts from Long beach City College. With having the opportunity to have worked as a tutor, paraeducator, health care aide, and preschool teacher, I have obtained many valuable experiences. Overall, these experiences have helped me truly believe that all children are capable of learning with the proper support and guidance. Including but not limited to social, emotional, physical and environmental support. The field learning opportunities I have gained over my career are also the reasons why I have decided to continue teaching. To help children learn, and bring joy in their learning journey.


Pilar Calderon

Spider Class Lead Teacher (4's)

Hello my name is Pilar Calderon and I have been working with children for about 30 years. I am currently working with pre-k the 4/5 year olds. I have been employed with Tuvia for almost 10 years. In my free time l love spending time with my family and friends. I enjoy every aspect of teaching and have realized in my years that they can teach us as much as we teach them.


Tatiana Musnikov

Music and Art Specialist

I am a unique  professional with 42 years of  Music education, Child development and Jewish traditions and Hebrew fields experience. Throughout my career I have had a privilege of teaching children in different countries starting from Ukraine, Russia, Israel and currently working in Temple Menorah Tuvia and Religious school . I used different languages and techniques working around the world, but the most important and valuable language was the language of love and passion for children. I strongly believe that music, languages, beginning drama experiences, role playing games and puppetry lead to more successful speech, conversation and expression growth for children, and I’m planning the curriculum accordingly.
I possess an ability to listen to children not only with my ears, but with my heart!  My main goal is to let children enjoy their daily lives!